Ceramic potsand accessories

A series of indoor plant pots and cachepots designed with the utmost attention to detail. These high-quality products stand out for their innovative design, fashionable colours, elegant shapes and choice of glossy and matt finishes.

VIP plasticpots

This series of plant pots for indoor and outdoor use has a level of aesthetics and design consistent with the latest market trends.

Plastic Injection Moulding / Rotational Moulding and Accessories

These plastic plant pots are produced in a variety of attractive shapes and combine low weight with exceptional strength and durability.
They fit in well with any kind of décor and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


A line of plant pots that combines tradition and modernity.
The use of a variety of processing techniques such as surface scratching and different colour tones make them ideal for high-end interior design applications.



In keeping with a centuries-old tradition, these classic and timeless plant pots are created by master craftsmen from the age-old elements of earth, water and fire. The series is complemented by small garden accessories



This collection of pots and vases from Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico stands out for its original design and is ideal for lovers of exotic craftwork.



For those who prefer a transparent look, Corino Bruna offers a line of glass pots, an environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable material.


A wide range of scented candles, ideal for relaxing while gazing into the flickering of a small but intense flame.

Our catalogue

The catalogue is available on request and includes descriptions, dimensions, photos and prices of all distributed products.
All items shown in the catalogue are kept in stock in the company’s warehouses.